Secured Branding at Wholesalelanyards

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you most of the time catch yourself staring at a blank space trying to figure out how to build your brand? Building a brand is the most vital part in building a business. It requires a lot of time, patience, money and of course- effort.

WholesalelanyardsTime, we wouldn’t question that. For you to be able to put up a business and run it, it needs to be thought about carefully, you have to craft it carefully as this brand will represent you and your whole team. Patience as there will be ups and downs along the way. Money, you will need money to have a team to be with you to implement your vision and mission. The last one, effort, you have a great brand, but what will you do to it if no one sees it? You have to do a lot of marketing and think of strategies to shout out to the world what great goods you’ve got. That’s if you are in a traditional business.

Today, there’s a lot of start- up companies which aims to help other start- ups to jump start their businesses. Take Wholesalelanyards for example.

Wholesalelanyards is a start-up company which produces the highest quality, aesthetically-impressive customized lanyards available on the market today. They have everything you need. From tubular lanyards to badge reels, they can customize it for you to carry your brand on it. Not only that they offer the best, they offer them cheap! One can start advertising their own brand at $1.80 a piece. Who wouldn’t want that?

Their product is perfect for trade shows, company giveaways and Christmas giveaways. Aside from getting your lanyards at a very reasonable price, you are also able to choose every element on your lanyard. They never stock up on preprinted lanyards. That means, you have the liberty to put everything you like in the lanyard.

You can start your lanyard from choosing the fabric or string that they will be using. Wholesalelanyards has a wide variety of fabrics and colors. Polyester, woven, nylon, tubular, cord or even dye sublimated fabric, they have it. Asking about colors? Well, you can choose from primary, secondary, dark, light, pastel colors, every possible colors, they can make it possible for you.

Once the color and the fabric has been chosen, you can choose your attachment. They have bulldog clips, swivel J hook, key ring, thumb trigger, thumb hook, oval hook, cell phone loop, anything you can imagine, they got it! Plus, you have a choice between plastic or metal so you really have the power to customize it based on your taste and budget.
Once all the elements have been chosen, they can have it produced for you and all you have to do is to wait for your orders to come right at your doorstep. They offer free USA Air Shipping for all orders. How is that?

They’re in the market for quite a while now and they get a lot of possible results. They have the most accommodating, knowledgeable and professional staff which will take your brand to the next level. Their mission is aside from giving great customer service to their clients, they also offer quick, inexpensive and economical way to advertise one’s brand. In fact, a lot of well-known brands became their clients and still continues to get their services until now.

Who would help a start- up company? The answer is of course, another start-up company! If in the past few years, only the well- established businesses catch a lot of attention because of their great TV advertisements and such, well, today is a lot different. Many consumers opt to support start- up companies. Many are hungry for the freshest, newest and most adventurous idea in the market. Innovation is the trend today. With that being said, Wholesalelanyards is the perfect model for innovation. They give their clients the freedom to choose, but of course with the guidance of their well- experienced staff.

Seeing start-up companies helping each other thrive the market is a very refreshing view to the consumers. Patronizing start- up companies open a lot of opportunities for many individuals who may be hailed as “underqualified” by big companies out there. Wholesalelanyards will surely give you what you need, what you want, anywhere, anytime with the cheapest yet, the best quality lanyards one can ever see.

Rest assured that your brand will go a long way, as long as you make the right choice when it comes to sourcing your lanyards.

Wholesalelanyards is a lanyard company which provides branded lanyards, custom lanyards and many more.


2 Of The Latest Products From Callaway

This new and exciting product is a continuation of X Hot 3Deep of last year. Both Callaway products are built to last. In addition, they feature the latest technology when it comes to playing golf. In this way, the customer will be able to enjoy a truly unique golfing experience. In addition, any golf player who would want to improve his or her performance can try this out. The reason is simple: the Callaway golf X2 Hot Deep Fairway Woods is specifically intended for golf players who desire to have the versatility and the consistency to hit woods (fairway) off the tee. This is done through a unique combination of control and distance technologies.

This Callaway club product is available in three options: The X2 Hot 5-Deep, the X2 Hot 3-Deep, and the X2 Hot 2-Deep.

• The Callaway X2 Hot 5-Deep will be advantageous for the golf player who wants greater amount of control and spin out of the rough or the wood fairway. Loft offering of the 5-Deep is at 18.5°.

Callaway• The Callaway X2 Hot 3-Deep will be advantageous for the golf player who wants more MOI. In addition, the best thing about 3-Deep is that it has less steep roll radius as compared to other golf clubs. As such, it can launch in the fairway higher than any other golf club. Loft offering of the 3-Deep is at 14.5°.

• The Callaway X2 Hot 2-Deep as compared to other golf clubs, has bigger volume head. In fact, it is at least 20cc larger than any other golf clubs in the market today. This will give the golf player higher consistency and MOI. Loft offering of the 2-Deep is at 12.5°.

One of the technological advantages of the X2 Hot Deep Fairway Woods golf club line is its higher levels of volume progression. It enables golf players to hit the golf ball much more efficiently and effectively.

Another technological advantage of this Callaway product is the higher levels of MOI. In this way, golf players who used this golf club will have an easier time to launch and spin. In addition, it has been found that higher levels of MOI lead to more accurate, efficient and longer shots.


Another technological advantage of this Callaway product is the less steep roll radius. This is beneficial to golf players because it will enable them to have greater launching angles compared to using other standard golf clubs.

This product was released in the United States in the 14th of March, 2014. The retail price of this Callaway golf product is pegged at two hundred twenty nine (299) dollars. Tour Green Adila is the Stock Shaft of this product.

Edge Set

Golf BallThe best thing about the Callaway golf Edge Set is that it has an incredibly high launching design (hybrid type). There is an efficiently low CG that enables golf players to launch in higher angles than they used to. In addition, this golf club product also has hollow irons to further optimize the CG. In this way, the golf player will have an easier time to hit the golf balls.

This product was also released in the United States in the 14th of March, 2014 (similar to the X2 line). Each set will include SW, PW, AW, 6H, 5H, 4H 9-iron and 8-iron and 7-iron. True Temper Speed Step 85 is the stock steel shaft that was used in this golf product. Finally, the retail price of this Callaway golf product is pegged at seven hundred ninety nine dollars (799) for the graphite set and six hundred ninety nine dollars (699) for the steel set.

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5 Things To Do With Your Old Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are small round objects that usually contain a specific group’s name, official motto and logo. It is believed that these coins were first used by military men during wars. They would often show these items to fellow soldiers to prove that they are members of a particular unit.

Aside from being used for identification purposes, these coins are also awarded to exceptional individuals. Some people see them as good alternatives to medals and plaques. These coins cannot be used as currency but they can be customized. Different colors of paint can be applied on these coins. Some of the materials often used to produce these items are brass, copper, silver, and nickel.

Military Coins

Unfortunately, these shiny custom coins also get old after years of using them. Some coins get rusty while others have fading paints. If you own old challenge coins, throwing them in your trash bin is not a good idea. You can still do something to make them look new again.

The guide below will help you do it.
1.Clean your coins

If you want your old custom coins to look new again, one thing that you can do is to clean them. If they are quite dusty, it will be great if you will clean them using a dry cloth. You can also use a brush to remove the dirt found in your coins. If you have a copper or a metal polisher, you can use that one to clean your coins as well. It is recommended to apply a small amount only.

2.Let them be repaired

If you have coins with damages that can’t be fixed by a polisher, the best thing that you can do is to have them be repaired. Nowadays, there are some challenge coin makers that offer repainting or refinishing service to their clients. There’s also a lot of people involved in coin restoration that does the same thing. You can use the internet to look for them. If you don’t have enough money to pay for coin repair services, you can buy enamel paint instead to repaint them.

3.Display them in a clean area

Another good thing that you can do to your custom coins is to display them in a certain area. It’s up to you if you will put them in your living room or in your own bedroom. You can buy a new glass cabinet and place all your coins there. You can also stick them on your walls using a glue. It would be nice if you would add captions as well.

If you decide to display all your collections, your house would be like a mini challenge coin museum. You can actually earn additional income with that idea. You can charge an entrance fee for those who will enter your museum.

4.Give them to your acquaintances

You can also give your custom coins to your friends or acquaintances. It is recommended to give them to those people who are also challenge coin collectors. If you don’t want to build your own coin museum, you can also donate them to other museums that accept rare challenge coins. There’s a possibility that they might accept your coins if they have a historical value.

5.Sell them to earn money

Aside from donating them to others, you can also sell your old coins to coin collectors. Selling them is another way to earn money. You can sell your special edition coins in auction sites for a good price. Nowadays, there are many people who are selling challenge coins online. Coin prices range from $8 and above. The price usually depend on the coin’s quality, historical value, and rarity. If the coin is rare, there’s a possibility that a seller might sell it for a high price.

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Dispelling Motivational Speaker Myths

You! You there, looking at this monitor! Yes you! Life will throw bad things at you but you know what? You can overcome that hardship! How? By looking at that challenge right in the face. Look that challenge in the face and glare at it; glare at it and overcome it by puffing your chest up, holding your head high, and being the best you can be!

Imagine yourself hearing that every single day when you wake up next to your spouse who just so happens to be working as a motivational speaker. Annoying, right?

Quite different from what the mass media projects, motivational speakers don’t always motivate people. It’s not that they’re doing a bad job. The statement is meant in the most literal sense. They literally don’t just go up to people and randomly say their speech every time they have a conversation.

speakersDo they walk up to you at the bar and say, “You could do anything you want to be! Look at that mirror and you know what I see? A star, that’s what!”? That’s just creepy. Motivational speaking is, first and foremost, a motivational speaker’s job; their source of income and livelihood. And it, by no means, reflects the entirety of their personality off stage.

Of course, it is also a part of the job to keep the relationship between a speaker’s audience and himself true and authentic so it would make sense that a reflection of a speaker’s opinions and personality would shine through his speech. Be that the case, it doesn’t mean he (or she) speaks that way all the time.

Much like the difference in dynamics between speaking to an individual person and when speaking to a crowd, a motivational speaker also has a different posture, approach, and diction when speaking in a one-on-one conversation. Not to say that the speaker, or in this case, the person working as a speaker, will hound on you even in a one-on-one conversation but it is a certainty that they will have a different demeanor when conversing with just one person.

Humor, even, is something that differs greatly when the speaker is on a job and when he is talking casually with friends. As true-to-life many of a speaker’s practiced jokes may be, the effectiveness of this humor varies greatly between who he is speaking to and which the kind of individuals are listening to him. Many jokes only have their effect on large crowds and feel quite different and awkward at times when delivered in front of an individual or small group.

Testimonials always include how energetic and how “up there” they were; it’s a trait that is necessary for them to perform well in their job and a skill that will charm their audience. It is a part of their role as a speaker to empower their audience and call them to action. Despite this, don’t expect a speaker to be a go-getter every time. They have good days and bad days, too. Whenever a famous speakers tweets about having a bad day, give him space. Maybe even an encouraging word or two from your end, just to return the
favor, would be a great help.

With the misconceptions of a motivational speaker’s persona dispelled, it is important to remember that these individuals are first and foremost people with their own personal lives. They are masters of their craft and professionals to the core, yes, but be aware that they have a self that appears out of stage, out of book signings, and out of their YouTube videos. So the next time you catch a plane ride and happen to sit next to a famous speaker, don’t expect him to speak motivationally to you during the whole trip. He gets jetlags too.


The Workplace Benefits Of Custom Lanyards

Lanyards are not particularly big in television and films. More often than not, what you see on television shows is a character needing to outsmart a complicated security system and successfully doing so by smoothly stealing a clipped badge ID or keycard from an unwary employee. This is exactly the reason why, as an employer, it would be much wiser for you to have your personnel opt for lanyards as an ID or keycard holder.

If scenes like these are not enough to convince you to choose lanyards over clip-ons, here are other advantages you should consider:
1.Custom lanyards are cost-effective.

As a business, money is of course, important to you. No need to worry, though! Having lanyards customized would not take too much from your hard-earned assets. With these neck straps, even the most pricey lanyard fabric type is still quite easy on the wallet compared to other alternatives. Lanyards also cost less when ordered in bulks so it would be wiser to order not just for your employees but also for your clients. After all, you can also use these lanyards as giveaways and promotional items.

2.Custom lanyards are great branding tools.

Yes, you can use these neck straps or Custom Lanyards as small and simple but significant promotional tools. Since you can have it customized, you can put just about any design to your lanyard as long as it perfectly reflects your brand and your business. Use it to put your logo, your website URL and even your company’s contact details and any wearer of your lanyard will surely remember who you are, where to find you, and how to get in touch with you to acquire whatever product or service you have to offer.

Custom LanyardsIf your aim in using these customized lanyards is mainly for branding, design is something you really should think about. The best way to do this? Base your design on your company logo. Choose colors that you use on your logo so you can be sure that when your lanyards are done, it will look perfectly complementary. Do not overdo it, though, remember, less is more so just go for essential aspects of your brand; just enough to encourage brand recall.

3.Custom lanyards are more secure.

It is evident in television shows and movie scenes just like the one stated on the first paragraph of this article. Clipped-on badges are more susceptible to being stolen or lost contrary to customized lanyards. Since lanyards are straps worn around the neck, it would be quite difficult for others to steal whatever item is attached to it without you noticing. Just make sure you choose a durable, high-quality attachment so even when somebody tries to grab it, it will not break off easily.

4.Custom lanyards promote compliance to company policies.

It is a known fact that wearing IDs is one of the most ignored policies in many workplaces. With a well designed lanyard, your employees will surely be encouraged to always wear their IDs. That is one less infraction for your human resources people to worry about!

5.Custom lanyards allow for easier access.

Clip-ons that are typically fastened on your employees’ shirts are very susceptible to being stolen or lost. If you want to go for something that will allow for better security and easier access, customized lanyards are the way to go. With these neck straps, their valuables, from IDs and keycards to flash drives and cameras, are easily accessible and visible.

Security personnel in your company will also find it much easier to verify everyone’s identity. No need to worry about having to take off the lanyard, too; these straps are designed to be long so all they have to do is stretch it to reach a typical card reader mounted on a wall or door frame. Even if the card reader is too high, they can just detach it and reattach it through it once they are done.

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Digital Signage Software

Zone Types You Can Find in the Latest Digital Signage Software

The latest digital signage software is now supported by both Windows and Mac computers. Here are some of the zone types available for the said product:

PVP_2_interface1. Date and Time
Users can easily customize the information regarding a company’s location, date and time. The background can be created using a simple solid color, but there are also options that can help users create a one-of-a-kind look to their date and time displays. The files supported by the software include JPEG, PSD, PICT, TIFF, PNG, Targa and many more. Aside from that, users can also opt to display two time zones.

2. RSS Ticker
With this feature, users can schedule and display specific RSS feeds into their advertisements. A digital signage software gives companies the ability to customize the information and scroll across the display. Some of the customizations available include changing the font, style, color and even the background image of the display. Moreover, up to two RSS ticker zones can be placed in a single project.

3. Image Zone
Any type of image can be added to a user’s display. In the image zone of a digital signage software, users can add a simple image, a company logo or a moving image (.gif files). This can provide a great deal of information as well as entertainment to valued customers.

4. Slideshow Zone
In this zone of the digital signage software, users can add pictures, advertisements and various image sequences with just a few clicks. Captions can also be edited into the pictures to provide a more personalized touch to the displays. In fact, captions can also be customized because users have the capability to edit its font, size, and background color. To provide more entertainment, a single project can even contain up to two slideshows.

5. Video Zone
This zone enables users to display videos in their advertisements. Videos may even display live camera feeds, TV feeds or even movies. This is the best way to entertain and keep customers within business premises. It should be noted, however, that this feature is only in beta. The types of files supported are limited to DV, component video, DVC Pro NTSC, DvC Pro PAL, DV PAL, WMV, H2.64 and photo JPEG.

6. Text Zone
A digital signage software is open to editing. Therefore, a text zone enables users to input various texts or messages to their displays. Some of the options include changing the color, font and background image. Aside from that, this zone can be saved in Dynamic format. This format enables users to easily change and update messages in all projects simultaneously.

7. Twitter Zone
This is probably the most important update in digital signs. Now, users can actually synchronize and display tweets about their company. It works by programming the software to display specific queries or hash-tags. So, whenever a customer tweets about the company, it will automatically be displayed in real time. This zone has multiple modes of display. So, users can choose between having to scroll over the many tweets within a specified day and having tweets displayed in real time. What’s fun about this zone is that information about the Twitter will also be displayed. So, a customer will be motivated to interact with the software. As an added feature, if a bad feedback is made about the company, users will also be able to filter them out of the display.

8. Web Zone
This is a beta feature that allows users to display live websites that have flash animations and video streams. This zone provides not just entertainment but also gives a great opportunity for users to acquaint customers with the company’s profile.